Tropical Potluck Dinner

Exchange with Tartlétos
Improve your running skills! Monday 27th of January, 17:45 – 19:30 at the athletics track. Sign up here.
Tartlétos is joining our training Thursday 30th.

Bos en Vallei Circuit (BVC)
The Forest and Valley Circuit is a cross running competition in the area of Wageningen. It’s organised by the athletics associations, but also really nice for us to participate! The track is mostly mud-sand-based through the forest and valleys. You’re forced to run really fast. Subscription is only 5 euros for the last cross in Rhenen.
More information and subscription:

NSSW 28th of February till the 1st of March
The National Student Survivalrun Weekend (NSSW) will be held close to Wageningen this year! So you can just go by bike to do sports the whole weekend and meet survivalrunning students from other universities.
You’ll have to sign up quickly to join, because there will be a limited amount of places available (13 beds per association).
The price of the weekend will be €59,-, which will include food, (indoor) sleeping places, activities and a lot of fun 🙂 Here you can find the aftermovie of last year.

RAID CentraleSupélec
The 22th edition of this 5 days adventure race will be held in the Durance valley to Serre-Ponçon lake! Student teams and company teams are participating, doing different sports activities of in total 250 kms. For the student teams, subscription fee is very low (thanks to the company teams). Find a team of 4 participants and sign up soon. More information:

WOEST Batavierenrace
Do your New Year resolutions include running, socializing, camping or partying? Than this is your chance to fulfil them!!
Do you want to participate in the biggest relay race worldwide?  In the weekend of the 1st of May 2020 the Batavierenrace will take place again and WOEST is participating! Our ambition is to be the first team to participate by bike, so you’d definitely want to be part of that! Sign up before there are no spots left and join a fun weekend filled with running, biking, camping together and the biggest student party of the Benelux! Be there!!
Later on you will receive more information. If you have further questions feel free to ask us (Nienke, Niek and Job) via WhatsApp or at training.

Ultra Survivalrun July 10-12
The Ultra Survivalrun is ultra because it takes 3 days! In a team of 7, 10 survivalruns need to be runned with 4 teammembers. This means 3 members can rest one lap, while one person needs to do two runs in a row! Next to survivalrunning, also mountainbiking and canoeing are on list of activities. It’s kind of a mix between survivalrun and adventure race. We try to form a WOEST team, so please let the board know if you’re interested.
There’s not a lot information online, only a facebook page:

Oriëntatielopen Nederland
Orienteering is a running competition without a clear road. Just use a map and a compass to find your way to the finish. There are quite a lot of these competitions in the Netherlands, but also abroad. Click here to see the full agenda of orienteering in the World. Or keep it to orienteering in the Netherlands.

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