What is surivalrun?

Survivalrun is a sport where running is combined with climbing in obstacles. Think of an obstacle run, but with more technical obstacles! At WOEST we provide survivalrun training to teach students of the WUR all the techniques necessary for completing a survivalrun.

What is WOEST?

WOEST stands for Wageningen Outdoor En Survivalrun Team. We are a student survivalrun association, one of the many sports associations that is a part of Sports foundation SWU Thymos, as well as Sports Centre the Bongerd. Our track is located at SCB the Bongerd, right next to the WUR campus, where we train twice a week and offer trainings for both beginners and advanced survivalrunners. During a WOEST training, explanation of techniques is alternated with climbing, running and exercises. In this way you train your condition, strength and endurance, all on your own level and together with other WOESTelingen. Besides the trainings, WOEST is an active association with social activities like campfire drinks and exchanges with other sports. Check out our about WOEST  page for more information and training times and don’t hesitate to ask us any questions or just send an e-mail to woest@wur.nl to join us at the obstacle course some time!


In the first 3 weeks of the academic year we have introduction trainings. On those days you can get to know survivalrunning and WOEST. We usually start out with a training, followed by a fun activity! On tuesday we have 2 trainings. The first one starts at 18:00 and the second one at 19:30. On thursdays 1 training is available, this one starts at 20:00. Beside the training a lot of fun activities are planned. Think about a sportspub evening, BBQ, Meet & Friet, an adventure run and a mini-survivalrun to top it all off! Are you excited to join one or more introduction trainings and activities, then sign up here! Can’t wait to see you at the oak.

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