Survivalrun is a sport for people that love being outside and enjoy challenging themselves. During a survivalrun you cover a route through forests and fields while being treated to wonderful (natural) obstacles to conquer. Think of rope climbing and many creative varieties to that, but also carrying logs (and chopping them up!), passing water, climbing nets, swinging over canals, shooting a bow and canoeing. The aim is to cover the distance as quickly as possible while overcoming all the obstacles. At WOEST we provide survivalrun training to teach you all the techniques necessary for completing a survivalrun. Apart from technique, training is meant to improve endurance, strength and joy. Outside of training we also like to gather for (sportive) adventures; from night swimming in the Rhine to a winter BBQ and from a weekend trip to join the Batavierenrace to the necessary rehydration after training, with a wellearned and refreshing beer. So, are you equally incapable of passing your days behind a computer and watching television in the evening; are you not afraid of developing some serious calluses on your hands; and are you brave enough to run around the campus in a legging? Then we would like to see you as soon as possible at one of our trainings! It does not matter if you are an experienced survival runner or if the terms ‘swing over’, ‘monkey bars’ and ‘post-man walk’ do not yet ring a bell, it would be our pleasure to guide you into the ropes and before you know, you will be swinging around like Tarzan/Jane.  Survivalrun training by WOEST takes place at the obstacle course next to the soccer field at the Bongerd.

So would you like you to join some of our training sessions, feel free to come by at the following training times:

  • Tuesday:          18:00-19:30
  • Thursday:     20:00-21:30

For questions you can send an E-mail to WOEST@wur.nl

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