WOEST provides very nice clinics, given by our members/trainers! A clinic usually takes 1,5 to 2 hours and consists of a warm-up around campus after which we will teach the basics of survivalrun and try out the obstacles. A clinic can be adjusted to your personal wishes, as long as it is discussed with the trainers. If you’re interested in a clinic you can send an email to and we will try to arrange a date. Because our trainers are also students and their schedule changes regularly, planning a clinic months ahead might be difficult. However, feel free to email us about the options.


In the table below you can see an overview of the costs. We charge 5,- per person and work in steps of 5. Besides a set amount per 5 people we also have to rent the track at sportcentre the bongerd. The costs for the rent are € 12.50 per hour, these additional costs are also charged.

For example, if you want a clinic of 2 hours with 18 people you would have to pay € 100,- for the clinic itself plus € 25,- (2 times 12.50 for the rent of the track). In total, This would cost € 125,-

Number of participantsNumber of trainersCosts  (5,- pp)
51€ 25
6-101€ 50
11-152€ 75
16-202€ 100
21-253€ 125
26-303€ 150
31-354€ 175
36-404€ 200
41-455€ 225
46-505€ 250