Do you miss playing outside from when you were a kid? Are you looking for some challenge? Are you not afraid of developing some serious calluses on your hands?  We would like to welcome you at one of our trainings! It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced survival runner or if the terms ‘swing over’, ‘monkey bars’ and ‘post-man walk’ do not ring a bell yet, it would be our pleasure to guide you into the ropes and before you know, you will be swinging around like Tarzan/Jane.

If you are curious about what our trainings are like, you can join some trainings for free to try it out! Send us an e-mail if you want to come train. If you want to keep on training with us after that, you can become a member by following these steps:

  1. Purchase student sports rights at Sports Centre the Bongerd (in order to become a member of WOEST, you need student sports rights. Take a look here to see if you qualify to buy them if you are not sure). Purchase of sports rights is possible by clicking here, then click the menu “overig” and select “lidmaatschap”. You can also purchase sport rights at the desk of the Bongerd.
    NOTE: you need yearly student sportsrights at the Bongerd for a membership at WOEST. Monthly sportsrights are insufficient.
  2. In order to be insured, you need to be a member of the Survivalrunbond Nederland (SBN). A membership can be purchased here by clicking on “Word seizoenslid!”.
  3. Now you can become a member of WOEST! You can register here. The costs of a membership are €27,50 for a full year. The costs of a membership for a half year are €17,50. The membership is valid from the start of the academic year till February or February till the end of the academic year.