WOEST Committees
-Trainers committee
At WOEST we have our own student trainers, that are also members. Every week we come up with new trainings that are both fun and challenging!

We also build our own obstacles and make sure they are safe and certified, therefore we have CoBaMa(Commissie Baan en Materiaal). Every now and then we come up with some new obstacles, so the track will never get boring and will always be challenging!

Of course, WOEST also has a lot of fun activities. These are organised by Sfeerbeheer. Things like camfire nights, drinks at the Rhine, exchange trainings and a lot more!

Kleerbeheer is in charge of all our merch like leggings and sweaters! They make our WOESTelingen recognizable by our very own colors. Maybe you’ve seen us already!

We as the weekendcie organize fun weekends away! We go with as many WOEST members to a location where we have fun activities planned and make great memories! We make sure that there is a survivalrun element by going to a place which has a nice track close to it, so our squirrels can try out all new stuff! You can check out our latest work here!

The BaCo (Batavierenrace Committee) gets together a team of squirrels for running events such as the Veluweloop and the Batavierenrace. These relay events combine running and cycling- did you know WOEST was the first team to cycle the entire Batavierenrace instead of transporting our runners by van? The BaCo organizes the stage division, cycling routes, camping and logistics so WOEST can make themselves known at these kinds of events! Ready…. Set…. WOOOEEESSSSTTT!!!!

– Mediacie
The mediacie manages the website, facebook, instagram and youtube. We want to keep everything up to date so potential new WOEST members get excited to become a member. We capture memorable moments and store them together so everyone can take a look back in time and relive those great moments!