What is survivalrun?
Survivalrun is a sport for people that love being outside and enjoy challenging themselves. During a survivalrun you cover a route through forests and fields while being treated to wonderful (natural) obstacles to conquer. Think of rope climbing and many creative varieties to that, but also carrying logs (and chopping them up!), wading/swimming through water, climbing nets, swinging over canals, shooting a bow and canoeing. The aim is to cover the distance as quickly as possible while overcoming all the obstacles. These survivalruns take place throughout the year and throughout the country, check here to get an idea!

What is WOEST?
WOEST is a student sports association that aims to prepare its members (referred to as WOESTelingen) for survivalruns while having fun together. The trainings are a mix of technique, strength and endurance, often trained in game form. Outside of training we like to gather for (sportive) adventures; from night swimming in the Rhine to a winter BBQ and from a weekend trip to join the Batavierenrace to the necessary rehydration after training, with a well earned and refreshing beer.

Join us!
Does all of this sound like fun to you? Or are you curious what we are like in real life? Take a look at our training times and how to become a member and we hope to see you soon!