What is survivalrun?
Survivalrun is a sport for people that love being outside and enjoy challenging themselves. During a survivalrun you cover a route through forests and fields while being treated to wonderful (natural) obstacles to conquer. Think of rope climbing and many creative varieties to that, but also carrying logs (and chopping them up!), wading/swimming through water, climbing nets, swinging over canals, shooting a bow and canoeing. The aim is to cover the distance as quickly as possible while overcoming all the obstacles. These survivalruns take place throughout the year and throughout the country, check here to get an idea!

What is WOEST?
WOEST is a student sports association that aims to prepare its members (referred to as WOESTelingen) for survivalruns while having fun together. The trainings are a mix of technique, strength and endurance, often trained in game form. Outside of training we like to gather for (sportive) adventures; from night swimming in the Rhine to a winter BBQ and from a weekend trip to join the Batavierenrace to the necessary rehydration after training, with a well earned and refreshing beer.

WOEST Committees
-Trainers committee
At WOEST we have our own student trainers, that are also members. Every week we come up with new trainings that are both fun and challenging!
We also build our own obstacles and make sure they are safe and certified, therefore we have CoBaMa(Commissie Baan en Materiaal). Every now and we come up with some new obstacles, so the track will never get boring and will always be challenging!
Of course, WOEST also has a lot of fun activities. These are organised by Sfeerbeheer. Things like camfire nights, drinks at the Rhine, exchange trainings and a lot more!

The board

From left to right: Iris, Suzanne, Gerben, Jonna and Lisa


Hi everyone! I’m Iris Boone, I’m the commissioner of internal affairs, and mostly just enjoy the good atmosphere at WOEST. We have many fun activities, and a very nice group of people that make WOEST awesome. So feel welcome, because there’s always room for more people! Next to having fun, we of course also do sports, where we challenge ourselves to always get a bit better. I first joined the Sfeerbeheer committee, where we organise activities, exchanges and drinks, afterwards I joined the board. I only started survivalrun in my second year of uni, so anyone is welcome, no matter if you have experience or not. See you there!!


Hey there! My name is Suzanne Wormgoor, and I am the secretary of the board of WOEST. I joined WOEST immediately when started my bachelor and found out the association existed, because I have been doing survivalrunning for more than 10 years now and loved the idea of continuing to do so in Wageningen. After about half a year of being a WOESTeling I decided to join the board, and since then I have had a lot of fun getting to know the association even better. I can say for sure that WOEST are an amazing group of people that immediately made me feel at home in Wageningen. Every training we do fun and crazy obstacles at our track next to the soccer field at the Bongerd. Everyone is very welcome to join our trainings sometime, beginner or not, the more the merrier!


Hi, I’m Gerben Hoogland and the chair of WOEST. I have been doing survivalrun since I was 8 years old, and when I started studying in Wageningen I joined WOEST. I enjoy WOEST a lot, as we do sports together and have a good atmosphere within the association. We often undertake activities such as a campfire night, or a drink at the Rhine. At my survivalrun association back home, I often helped build obstacles, as such I joined the building committee here as well. See you at the track!


Hello there! I am Jonna van den Berg. I am also part of the board of WOEST and my official task name is commissioner of outdoors but I call myself the flying squirrel. I have been doing survivalrun since I was 7 years old. I have grown up with it and I already heard some roomers about WOEST before I studied here. One of the first things I did when I moved to Wageningen, is looking information about the association. I also searched for some other sports association, but after a few trainings I was trapped… it was just too much fun. So of course I became a trainer after half a year and after a bit more then a year I became one of the board members. And that is my story! So until next training! WOOEEESSSTTT!!!!


Hi everyone, my name is Lisa Boterman, and I am the treasurer of WOEST. I have been in Wageningen and doing survivalrun for two years now, and before that I always really enjoyed running, trail running and rockclimbing. Survivalrun is somewhat a combination of all three which I really like! I also love the welcoming atmosphere and the interesting people at WOEST who are always up for doing some crazy things like early morning swimming or adventure race pub crawls. There are several committees to be part of if you want to be more active, but also no pressure to be there all the time: everyone is welcome! Hope to see you at the track!

Join us!
Does all of this sound like fun to you? Or are you curious what we are like in real life? Take a look at our training times for info about introduction trainings, or take a look at how to become a member and we hope to see you soon!