What is survivalrun?
Survivalrun is a sport for people that love being outside and enjoy challenging themselves. During a survivalrun you cover a route through forests and fields while being treated to wonderful (natural) obstacles to conquer. Think of rope climbing and many creative varieties to that, but also carrying logs (and chopping them up!), wading/swimming through water, climbing nets, swinging over canals, shooting a bow and canoeing. The aim is to cover the distance as quickly as possible while overcoming all the obstacles. These survivalruns take place throughout the year and throughout the country, check here to get an idea!

What is WOEST?
WOEST is a student sports association that aims to prepare its members (referred to as WOESTelingen) for survivalruns while having fun together. The trainings are a mix of technique, strength and endurance, often trained in game form. Outside of training we like to gather for (sportive) adventures; from night swimming in the Rhine to a winter BBQ and from a weekend trip to join the Batavierenrace to the necessary rehydration after training, with a well earned and refreshing beer.

WOEST Committees
-Trainers committee
At WOEST we have our own student trainers, that are also members. Every week we come up with new trainings that are both fun and challenging!

We also build our own obstacles and make sure they are safe and certified, therefore we have CoBaMa(Commissie Baan en Materiaal). Every now and then we come up with some new obstacles, so the track will never get boring and will always be challenging!

Of course, WOEST also has a lot of fun activities. These are organised by Sfeerbeheer. Things like camfire nights, drinks at the Rhine, exchange trainings and a lot more!

Kleerbeheer is in charge of all our merch like leggings and sweaters! They make our WOESTelingen recognizable by our very own colors. Maybe you’ve seen us already!

We as the weekendcie organize fun weekends away! We go with as many WOEST members to a location where we have fun activities planned and make great memories! We make sure that there is a survivalrun element by going to a place which has a nice track close to it, so our squirrels can try out all new stuff! You can check out our latest work here!

The Batavierenrace Comittee (BaCo) annually gets a WOEST team together for the veluweloop and batavierenrace, both relay running races. These events are a combination of running, biking and a lot of fun!

The board

From left to right: Alain, Rutger, Marieke, Mathieu and Stijn


Hello Sunshines! My name is Rutger, I am 25 years old and I am studying animal production systems and entomology. I am also the chair of WOEST!

I always used to be a runner but when I came to Wageningen I saw people who combined running with climbing, I was sold. The trainings are a lot of fun for intensive sporters but also for the average Joe’s. Next to that we a lot of fun activities like our own weekend or meet-ups at the rijn. That is why I love WOEST. I would like to end this story with two things, I am way cooler than Alain and 3..2..1.. WOOOOOOOEEEEEEESSST!!!


Hello fellow squirrels 🐿️! I’m Alain, I’m 24 years old and studying biology. I am also the Indoor commissioner at WOEST!

I’ve always been into sports, being outside and was looking for something new. I got invited to a WOEST intro training and the rest is history. As indoor commissioner I’m responsible for contact within the association. If there are any problems or you have some ideas you can come to me! I really love the ambiance at WOEST. It’s not just a sport association but also a place to make great friends and have fun activities like the Sfeerbeheer cantus and WOEST weekend! Also don’t believe Rutger cause I’m way cooler than him! See you soon at the oak!


Hello everyone! I am Marieke, 22 years old and I am studying nutrition and health. I also am the treasurer of WOEST!

After being quite inactive during covid I joined WOEST and after a little more than half a year of survival run I decided to join the board as treasurer. I love that survival run is a great full workout and the whole spirit at WOEST pushes me to become better! Besides sporting, at WOEST we also have loads of fun together! We are regulars at the sports pub and occasionally have very fun parties! So if you are looking for a place to work out and at the same time gain a group of amazing people, WOEST is the place to be! Hope to see you at the oak❤️!


Hi squirrels! I’m Mathieu, 23 and doing the Masters Climate Studies. I am also the Outdoor commissioner at WOEST!

I have been with WOEST and practicing survivalrun for 2 years now, and am loving it! Getting wetter, muddier and colder is always on my bucket list. Other than survivalrun I like to play some bad guitar, write some articles, or spend more time outside either (barefoot) running, sitting in my favorite tree or on a walk in the forest with my friends.
As outdoor commissioner I organise the exchange trainings with other sports clubs or survival teams. I also am the contact person if people want to organise a clinic for a group. WOEST has been a little bit of a family since I joined. I played handball for 9 years before this, so was worried I wouldn’t fit an individual sport, but the team spirit here is more than I could have dreamed of! I hope to see you soon at the track!


Hey, I am Stijn. After four years of studying biology in Wageningen purely by chance I was invited to join a WOEST intro training, without knowing what I was getting into. I was immediately hooked! A half year later I decided to join the board and currently I am the secretary of WOEST. I really enjoy survivalrun for the outdoor training, the new look it gives you at traversing the terrain around you (the WUR campus has never been the same for me) and the way it pushes you to the limits, both mentally and physically. WOEST combines survivalrun with more fun activities, such as drinking beers after training at the Sportspub with fellow squirrels, participating together in races and the WOESTweekend.
If you have any questions about the association, the board, intro trainings or anything else WOEST related, don’t be afraid to swing by at the oak. See ya soon at the track (or in the Sportspub 😉)!!

Join us!
Does all of this sound like fun to you? Or are you curious what we are like in real life? Take a look at our training times for info about introduction trainings, or take a look at how to become a member and we hope to see you soon!