Woest intro trainings 2021

The first three weeks of the academic year, WOEST organized a total of 9 intro trainings, where we did things from explaining the basic techniques of survivalrunnig, to adventure races and a mini survivalrun! The photo above was taken after the mini survivalrun, right after we ran all over campus and may or may not have taken a dip in a few ditches.

For everyone that was at one or more of the intro trainings: we hoped you all enjoyed the trainings, and if you would like to stay around for more trainings (and all the fun and crazy activities afterwards!) you can become a member here.

Did you not get a chance to join an intro training but would you still like to find out what survivalrunning is like? Just send an e-mail to woest@wur.nl and we will keep you updated about our upcoming intro trainings!

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