AID 2022

People signing up at the stand during the sportsday

This year we had another AID and it was a huge success. So many people were interested in our awesome association! A lot of enthusiastic woestelingen helped by making other people also keen for WOEST. We were present at the sport day giving clinics about survival running and new students could try it out for themselves. That same day we also had a stand at the sport market where you could sign up for the interested list. On the last day of the AID an infomarket was organized where we were present as well. We hung some ropes in the trees so we could show interested new students what a ‘swingover’ is exactly. Both days were a lot of fun and everyone enjoyed it a lot! Afterwards we partied with all the helpful squirrels.

To summarize, it was awesome and we can’t wait to meet all the new squirrels at the introweeks!! See you at the oak!

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