Woest Weekend 2022

Group picture during the Crazy 88

From 1st till the 3th of July we had our first ever woest weekend in Havelte. It was a huge success and everyone was overly excited!! The first night we all came together and had a little campfire with some ’s mores, marshmellows and beers. A guitar was present aswell so the overall vibe was amazing! After the campfire we went inside and played some card games.

Saturday morning we started off with a nice breakfeast and afterwards we went to the survivaltrack in Havelte. It was quite warm but everyone enjoyed it a lot and got a lot of practice in on archery and wood chopping. Beside those two we just played around at their track and behaved as squirrels (as we always do of course!).

After the training we went back to the accomodation, had lunch and went to do a Crazy 88. We had some awesome challenges like gather as many pinecones as possible, steal the flag from another team, complete your secret challenge, etc. Every single woesteling was on fire during the Crazy 88 and in the end it became a tie between 2 teams that had to be resulted in a rope pulling match. Everyone was keen to know who would be the overall winner of the Crazy 88 and it was a match worth watching!

In the evening Sfeerbeheer organized a pubquiz followed by the casino night and a party. It was weird to see all the squirrels dressed up in fancy clothes but everyone was looking good. The pubquiz was really cool and everyone was competitive. We had some questions about music but also some random facts, etc. The casino night was also a great success! And though some people lost a lot of coins, everyone had a blast! We played some poker, blackjack and roulette. With the Crazy 88 and the pubquiz people could collect extra coins to use during the casino night. With those coins and the ones you won, you could buy some nice prices. Or you dared it and bought the mystery price, but for that you really needed the nuts! When the afterparty ended it was starting to get light outside again, so you know it was an awesome party!

Sunday morning everyone slept in and after breakfeast we had some more fun games. It was great weather so we did soap twister which was a blast and everyone laughed so much! Beside soap twister, we also had dodge ball, blind volleyball and a small inflatable pool were you could cool down after all the fun.

Sadly the weekend came to an end after that. Everyone helped cleaning up and also the weather let us know the fun was over, it started raining. When everything was back in place and everyone had packed their suitcases it was time to say goodbye as we wouldn’t see eachother a lot during the summer vacation. Overall everyone had a blast and we made some awesome memories, now on to the next weekend!!

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