SWU Thymos & WOEST

Last week, the board of Thymos joined us to experience a WOEST training! We explained them a bit of the art of survivalrunning, and of course the training wasn’t complete without counting down from 3 to 1 and shouting… WOEST!!!

Do you want to experience survivalrunning yourself, like the board of Thymos? Don’t hesitate to send an e-mail to and we will keep you updated about our upcoming intro trainings!

P.S.: Did you know Thymos now has two qualified Confidential Contact Persons? If you are ever feeling that you experience unwanted behavior that prevents you from feeling safe or enjoying yourself while exercising on campus, there is an option for you to talk in confidentiality with someone about this. For more info, you can go to the Thymos website or you can email to

Woest intro trainings 2021

The first three weeks of the academic year, WOEST organized a total of 9 intro trainings, where we did things from explaining the basic techniques of survivalrunnig, to adventure races and a mini survivalrun! The photo above was taken after the mini survivalrun, right after we ran all over campus and may or may not have taken a dip in a few ditches.

For everyone that was at one or more of the intro trainings: we hoped you all enjoyed the trainings, and if you would like to stay around for more trainings (and all the fun and crazy activities afterwards!) you can become a member here.

Did you not get a chance to join an intro training but would you still like to find out what survivalrunning is like? Just send an e-mail to and we will keep you updated about our upcoming intro trainings!

AID 2021

Do you love being outside and enjoy challenging yourself? Survivalrun consists of overcoming obstacles, rope climbing and many creative varieties to that. Do you want to bring the inner child out again? Come see us during the AID at the clinics or the infomarket! Or join a training during the sport right free weeks (first three weeks of the academic year) or our intro trainings during the year.

The trainings are a mix of technique, strength and endurance, often trained in game form. Outside of training we like to gather for (sportive) adventures; from night swimming in the Rhine to a winter BBQ, and lots of other activities! We train on Tuesdays from 18h30 – 19h30 & 19h30 – 20h30, and on Thursdays at 20h – 21h30.

Hope to see you soon!